What’s up friends, it’s been a while since our latest Illustrator tutorial about “advanced Illustrator strokes, tips and secrets” I came up with the idea for this article while I was working on a new logo design. I usually combine strokes and fills in my designs because I’m just too lazy to expand the appearances so I can have everything as fills or strokes, and that’s exactly what happened on this occasion, I ended up with a bunch of strokes and fills one on top each other.

So I decided to change the color of the strokes while leaving the fills intact, I thought that the only way of choosing the strokes only was zooming in and carefully selecting one by one, then my friend Richardini said “man there’s gotta be an easier way of doing that”, and indeed he was right, there’s an easy way of choosing strokes and/or fills separately without having to pick one by one.

Illustrator vectors

We have this random shape made out of strokes and fills, I want to change the strokes’ color without affecting the fill, but I don’t want to zoom in and pick one by one, so what can we do?, well the trick is simple, just go to Select>Same and here you’re going to find a series of options that will help you get the job done.

Select Menu Illustrator

As you can see, the “Same” menu is amazing!, you can select similar objects with ease, just define whether the objects you want to pick have the same color or weight and even blending mode. In this case I’m not sure if all the strokes have the same weight, but I do know that they’re all black, so I’m going to pick “Stroke Color” and voila!.

Strokes Selected Illustrator

And that’s it, a really simple way of selecting similar objects without having to zoom in and pick one by one, despite the fact that I’ve been using Illustrator for a long time I just recently discovered this menu, so I think it may come handy for many of you, thanks for visiting us and we’ll see you in our next post.