Have you ever wondered about how to align an element to the center of the canvas? or maybe how to align several elements inside a web design creation?. Well on today’s tutorial we will share with you some useful tips that will teach you how to harness the alignment options that Photoshop has to offer.

Alignment Palette

The first thing you have to do is get acquainted with the different buttons located in the alignment palette, so let’s take a look:

Alignment Buttons

While the align buttons give you the chance of aligning all the elements to one of the edges, the distribute options allow you to distribute them based on different positions.

Center elements

One of the most frequently asked questions is “How can I align an element to the center of the canvas?”. There’s an easy way to do this, first you need to pick the marquee tool and select the canvas, as we show on the next pic:

Marquee Selection

Then select the ‘Move Tool’ (V) and select the layer containing the element you want to align, then use the ‘Align Horizontal Centers’ and ‘Align Vertical Centers’ buttons, that way your element will be perfectly aligned to the center of the canvas.

Align Center

You can take this further to generate perfectly aligned patterns; using the same method as before, you can create something like this:

Multiple Centers

Automatically align image layers

There’s one last option that even when is not exactly an alignment option, it has been included in the Alignment Palette, we’re talking about the ‘Align Image Layers’ option. This option has been available in previous Photoshop versions, but now it can be instantly accessed from the top bar.

For those who haven’t used this option before, it helps you merge multiple pictures into a single one, which can be useful when creating panoramic scenes or working with collages.

Align Layers

This final option deserves an entire post for itself, so for now we will just mention it. I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful, please leave us your comments and questions so we can keep working on delivering you the best design content!.