Have you ever had a folder with several .svg files that you want to insert in Adobe Illustrator CS6? If you have been through this, then you know how hard it is, and if you don’t, then I have to say you’re lucky, because this can’t be done just like dragging .png files or any other type of file.

I faced this problem recently, when I needed to insert over a hundred logos in .svg format in a single file to do a task, even though I use it now just to keep all my assets in a single file (some sort of library), for instance, to copy a folder with 300 .svg icons, instead of browsing one at a time, opening and copying files, I think is easier to have them all at the same place and just copy whatever I need from there.

I looked and I looked for ways of doing this, but I just couldn’t find anything on the web, so I turned over to my buddy Nico (follow him on Twitter) and he built a script (he’s a coding genius) that fixed all my problems.

Since we are here to share with you, and since we don’t want you to go through all the hassle that we have, we want to share the script with you. You can download it through the following link: PlaceMultipleSVGFiles

How to install a script in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Simply download the file, extract it and put it on Illustrator’s scripts folder, which should be in a similar location to this: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64 Bit)\Presets\es_ES\Command Sequences.

Make sure you have Illustrator closed so the script gets available next time you open the program.

Using scripts in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Whenever you want to use it, just go to Illustrator and look for File>Command Sequences, there you can select the script you just installed.

I hope you find this useful!

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