Sometime ago we wrote a nice article about the graphic designer resume, best tips and examples, in which we shared some useful tips plus some great examples. Lots of people wrote us asking for more cool examples while others wanted to see more sober styles, so to please all of our visitors, we have decided to deliver a second edition of our graphic design resume inspiration, some of these c.v are sober and yet beautiful and well diagrammed, while others stand out for their personality that showcases the designer’s profile right away.

Awesome graphic design resumes:

Curriculum Vitae

curriculum vitae

curriculum vitae

graphic designer curriculum


curriculum vitae

diseño curriculum vitae

curriculum vitae

resume graphic designer


hoja de vida

Ok then, we hope this sample can help you boost your creativity in order to make an original and well designed resume, don’t forget that once you have your resume ready you should build an online portfolio to support your c.v, you can read more about this in our post about design portfolio, best sites to showcase your work.

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