We have always been huge football (soccer for US citizens) fans, so I had an idea for a new inspiration post, I decided to collect several football posters that have been part of many official events, specially the World Cup. I hope you enjoy this roundup and let’s see which team rises the trophy of the Euro 2012!.

Uruguay 1930 World Cup

Italy 1934 World Cup

France 1938 World Cup

Brazil 1950 World Cup

Switzerland 1954 World Cup

Sweden 1958 World Cup

France 1960 Euro Cup

Chile 1962 World Cup

England 1966 World Cup

Mexico 1970 World Cup

Germany 1974 World Cup

Yugoslavia 1876 Euro Cup

Argentina 1978 World Cup

Spain 1982 World Cup

Mexico 1986 World Cup

Italia 1990 World Cup

USA 1994 World Cup

England 1996 Euro Cup

France 1998 World Cup

Belgium Netherlands 2000 Euro Cup

Korea Japan 2002 World Cup

Germany 2006 World Cup

Austria Switzerland 2008 Euro Cup

Chile Women World Cup 2008

South Africa 2010 World Cup

Germany Women World Cup 2011

Poland Ukraine 2012 Euro Cup

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