Perfilgrafía is an interesting photography project developed by graphic designers Marcela Sánchez y Alejandra Restrepo, in which they took Facebook as their study case and decided to analyze the different types of profile pictures that people utilize. They selected all kinds of profile pictures and then grouped them into different categories to create an amazing reinterpretation in their printed piece.
For this project the photographs were organized in three different classes: The original being, individual being and social being.
On this part they studied how people look at themselves, how they expose to the others, which aspects they identify with, what are the main stereotypes, how they photographs look alike. The answers to all these questions allowed to establish a wide analysis of our own self projected image.
The project features an excellent photographic production, that by being marked within Facebook interface, submerges the user inside the social network and invites him to imagine the existent history behind each one of the images on their friend’s profile pictures.
Below you can watch the online version of this amazing project that can be also find in a printed version.