On today’s post, we’d like to share some humorous gifs that will definitely make you remember those situations that many of us have experienced as designers and people involved in the creative field; enjoy!.

When an engineer shows me a design he made

Jim Carrey gif

As I read the requirements for a client’s new project

Guy Idea gif

When I receive images inside a Word file

Blink 182 gif

When a design is approved at first try

Happy Bear

When Photoshop crashes and all changes are lost

Computer throw gif

When the boss gives you the brief for your first account

Crab Open Mouth

When a client falls in love with your design

Robert Downey Jr Gif

When the printer blames the designer in front of the rest

People staring gif

When your boss finds a grammar mistake in a printed design

Dog Waiting gif

When a client asks you to get together early in the morning

Fresh Prince gif

When I get home after the presentation

Tired gif

When my boss buys me the latest Wacom tablet

Harry Potter gif

When someone gives opinion without asking for it

Fresh Prince gif 2

When the client wants to change something at the last minute

Finger gif

When the client asks you to use ‘darker bright’ colors

Cute girl gif

As I listen to my client’s feedback

Simon Cowell gif

 When the client says he can make the design himself

Bradley Cooper gif

When my boss calls me on Sunday morning

Wake up gif

Asking the professor if the presentation is due next week

Django Gif

When my boss cancels the project I’ve been working on for months

Hulk gif

Leaving the office after 3 days without seeing the sun

Alone dark gif

When they look for the one who sent 72 dpi pictures

Hiding gif

When the client calls me without knowing what he wants

Call gif

When a junior shows me a design for approval

Thumbs down gif

When the junior actually makes something great

Thumbs up gif

When the professor falls asleep during your presentation

Gladiator gif

When congratulated in front of your peers

Snoop Dog gif

When the client asks for something you already have

Tom Hanks gif

After hearing say: “the client is paying upfront”

It's a trap gif

When someone asks for my opinion during a brainstorm session

Elmo gif

How I see the new junior designer

Kid with earphones gif