On this occasion we’d like to show you the work of Raúl Orozco, also known as raeioul. He’s a publicist with a passion for illustration, which he consider to be the only thing he’s really good at (this according to his blog’s bio) and he’s been doing a really splendid job

His job is inspired on day-to-day situations, animals, food, animals turned into food, cartoons, music, movies, love and heartbreaks, sports and more. All these elements come together to generate an amazing combination of humor and technical skills.

You can follow him at Twitter and Flickr, we also suggest you to check his personal website to see more of his work, download free wallpapers or reach him in case you want to buy something from his store.

Raúl Orozco – raeioul.

Raúl Orozco



















Sueñosilustración ardilla

Literaoulismo (our favorite series)

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Some products you can find on his store

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We hope you liked Raúl’s work as much as we did, don’t forget to send us your works to our Flickr group so you can be selected for upcoming reviews. You can also follow us in Twitter and Facebook to find our latest updates and discoveries.

P.S: From this Friday, we’ll be publishing a new section named tentatively “The best from the Mishës Community”, where we will be showcasing the best works from our fans in the Flickr group, so hurry up an send us your work!.