What’s going on in the design world? What was the latest move from the Adobe team? Is Wacom about to launch a new tablet? Don’t miss this and more news from the Mishës world.


Logo Evolutions of the World biggest brands+

A logo is of paramount importance for the brand, since nothing could better associate the company with the audience. Logo...

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Wacom or Genius, which drawing tablet should I get?+

Are you getting started in the world of design and you have no idea about which drawing tablet you should...

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8 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity When Working From Home+

The importance of being creative in your work should be obvious to anyone thinking about the issue. Still, if the...

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Is Adobe Creative Cloud going to kill freelancing?+

From the moment I heard Adobe was moving onto the cloud and thus, the Creative Suite will cease to exist,...

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Against the Lobster font abuse+

As designers, our importance relies on being capable of seeing things where other people can’t, then come out with new...

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Top design news of 2011+

What’s up everyone?, we hope you’ve had an amazing holiday season along with your friends and relatives. Now that 2011...

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Design portfolio, best sites to showcase your work+

For a graphic designer, creating an appealing portfolio is the most important thing when looking for job, whether if it’s...

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Photography in Latin America, a quick guide+

If you’re a photography fan then you’ve probably realized that there are hundreds of blogs where you can learn which...

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