Every day, more and more brands are born, increasing the challenge for all the marketing gurus, who must innovate day after day, developping new techniques that allow them to generate the maximum profit at the minimum cost. Here you will find some of the most recent trends and good practices to make a good use of marketing.

How Graphic Design helped me land my current Marketing job+

Many people have asked about how I managed to land a job in Marketing with my bachelor’s degree being Graphic...

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10 Useful tools for Design bloggers+

As a graphic designer, I had no idea of what I was doing when I first decided to start blogging....

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Start a design blog, reasons to+

This month it’s going to be a year since we first started Mishës, a project that day after day has...

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Facebook Timeline vs Google Plus+

Less than a week ago (after months of the try-free option) Facebook unveiled its new timeline, provoking contrary reactions from...

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Google Plus, what’s there for designers?+

It’s been a month since the official release of Google’s latest social product, Plus. I was lucky of receiving an...

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Reddit guide, the unofficial handbook+

[hr] Until a few months ago, people were used to overlook Reddit and say that it was nothing more than...

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