If you’re a photography fan then you’ve probably realized that there are hundreds of blogs where you can learn which camera is better, which time hour is the fittest to take certain times of pictures and 10 different ways to create the same vintage effect. All of these resources are very helpful as they occasionally provide a new tip or a more effective way to do things because after all one of the main factors that determine a good photographer is time management.

Shadows at Sunset

Another thing that we noticed is that most photo-blogs concentrate their articles in foreign artists (this being said from a latinamerican point of view) that though are definitely truly inspiring artists, sometimes get a little too overexposed being that there are many amazing photographers and artists in Latin America. That’s why we decided to write this article, a quick but yet complete guide on latinamerican photography, showing some of its biggest expositors, useful webpages and of course some of the most inspiring pictures from the recent years.

As it happened with other fields such as graphic design, logo design, magazine and editorial design, illustration and more, the history of photography in Latin America has been marked by influences and a constant search for identity. In the XXI century Latin America has began to raise as one of the most important alcoves for photographers and designers that have learned to implement the cultural richness and history from the continent into their art. Technology has also became much more accessible than before, allowing photographers to compete not only in a conceptual but a technical level with the worldwide masters. We don’ t want to bombard you with thousands of sentences and turn this into a boring essay, so instead of that let’s take a look at some of the best websites to find information about latinamerican photography and where you can also expose your work.


Beautiful gardens

Canonistas is all about photography. Upcoming events, daily selections, offers and huge articles that every good photographer will likely appreciate.

Centro de la Imágen

Latin Garden

Created by the National Council for Culture and Arts in Mexico, this website is constantly informing about the latest photography events in this country as well as international contests and just everything photography-related.

Fotografía Colombiana

Colombian Photography

Hosted by Colombian photographer Fernando Cruz, this is site is one of the most important photography places in Colombia where you can find great articles, upcoming events and useful tutorials.

Foto Revista

Under the Bridge

Foto Revista is an Argentinian website that in a short period has become one of the most popular photography websites. On the site you’re going to find featured photographs, upcoming events, news, bios and more.

Fotografía Dominicana

Guy with Cell Phone

From Dominican Republic we have Juan Guzman, a professional photographer that on his blog gives us a great lesson about photography whilst he showcases his work and other people’s products.


Girl in The Dark

DeviantArt is definitely one of the biggest design resources in the world. One of the great things about this page is that you can create your own group focused in a specific subject, which is exactly what happens on this group where photographers and artists from Latin America expose their work and contribute with the community.

Foro Latinoamericano de Fotografía de São Paulo

Obscure Chamber Experiment

After the success of the 1st Latinamerican Photography forum in São Paulo, this website consolidated as the official page of this year’s forum but also a place to expose latinamerican artists, publish articles and just talk about photography in general.

South America

Bolivian Streets

Flickr is another design titan, specially regarding photography. On this group you’ll find tons of inspiration from latinamerican photographers and artists.

Latin America

Cuban High School Students

This is another Flickr group where many latin photographers concur to share all their works with the rest of the world, what are you waiting for joining this select group?.


Sunset Old City

Disparale a todo, which means “shot to everything”, is a photography website where you can showcase all your work and look at many artists from all over Latin America.

Fotografía Ecuador

Ecuatorian men hanging out

One of the largest photography communities from Ecuador, this is a great example of an united community around a common passion.



FotoForum is latinamerican website where only professional photographers and artists are featured, so make sure that you’re sending the best from your portfolio.

A Photography Latinfest

And now to conclude this article, we want invite you to gaze at some of the finest works from the top class photographers from all Latin America, we hope that you enjoy this high dose of inspiration.

Jaime Arrau

Party People


Smoking Guy

Jorge Lizana

Old Woman Black and Gray

Darío H. Ruiz

Childrens' Meeting

Gustavo Roa

Zoom Tree

Mauro González A.

Flying Girl

Ricardo Zapata


Hector “Padx”

San Lucas Fair

Julian Russi D. (JARD)

Bass Player

Victor Rodríguez

Latin TV Host

Gonzalo Corrado “Igneo”

Pop Girl

Sebastian ‘Le Schá’ Fonseca

Punk Rockers

And this is just a preview of the humongous amount of talent that Latin America has to offer when it comes to photography. There are hundreds of incredible photographers out there that are being part of the latin revolution, we’d wish to include all of them but the list is enormous, we hope that this article gives you an appetizer of the photography talent in this region and if you’re a also a photographer, please leave us a comment so we can know about your work.