Pinterest has become one of the first places you look for inspiration or some sort of reference, and that’s why we are going to publish a few articles with some of the best boards to follow about different subjects, this will be the first one, even though we have published other articles about different tattoo artists such as Dmitriy Samohin and Daniel Acosta, about 10 different boards to follow if you are into tattooing…


1. Mishës Tattoos

2. Baterbys

3. Sharvey 

4. Awesome Tattos 

5. Inked Magazine 

6. Shiny Squirrel 

7. Sandid 

8. Pomousscitron 

9. Damian de Martino 

10. Lilshortchelle 

Richardini Zapata (51 Posts)

I'm a Graphic Designer from Colombia who doesn't like coffee unless it's a nice smoothie with sweet condensed milk. Although I love photography and illustration, my true passion is UI Design and football (soccer). I'm Mishës co-founder and a great dreamer.