This month it’s going to be a year since we first started Mishës, a project that day after day has become one of the few things that I truly feel as mine. Maintaining this blog is something that requires constant attention and care, so in certain way I can say that Mishës is my little son. Now, I’d like to talk a little bit about the reasons why starting a design blog is a great idea, whether you make profits from it or not.

Work on your writing skills

Although it’s true that designers tend to focus on visuals, knowing how to write a copy has a lot to do with knowing how to write. A beautiful campaign can be ruined due an awful grammar mistake, so having a blog can be a good way of expanding your lexicon and refine your writing skills.

Practice a second language

Writing for Mishës has helped me to improve my English skills, which are basically the ones I acquired in high school. Many native speakers have destroyed our articles due grammar and spelling mistakes, but their critiques have encouraged me to keep writing instead of quit trying, I’m pretty sure my English level has gotten better since day one because the number of negative reviews per article has decreased considerably.

Share your knowledge

I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher, and Mishës has given me the chance of being one in a certain way. Everytime I learn a new Photoshop trick or I experience something new at work, I write about it with the purpose of sharing the things I’m learning with all our followers, it feels really good when we receive thanks messages telling that one of our tutorials has been helpful for one of our fans.

Meet new people

Thanks to Mishës, we have met many great people!, from very talented designers to people that have found in Mishës a good source of tutorials and articles. It’s great to find people who have heard about Mishës and think we’re doing a great job, that’s one of the reasons for which we never stop working with the goal of taking this blog to a wider audience.

Learn some SEO and Social Media

Before Mishës, the only thing I knew about Social Media was related to Facebook and Twitter, then I learned that there are dozens of Social Media places where your articles can be more succesful than Facebook and Twitter. Then I learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is basically a series of techniques that can help your blog gain exposure in Google, Bing and other places, perhaps I can dedicate an article to this in which I can explain some of the Social Media and SEO techniques that we have used in Mishës.

A nice way to spend your free time

I won’t say that Mishës is the first thing I think about when I have some spare time (the problem of having a PS3 and being a football lover!) but it is definitely on the top list. I usually try to dedicate some of my free time to write new articles, read what other people are working on and find some good inspiration to share with our fans. Mishës has also taught me a lot about responsibility, after all, If I don’t dedicate time to clean viruses, moderate the new comments and publish fresh content, the blog will eventually fall into oblivion.

Great addition to your curriculum

The company that I’m currently working for chose me for the position in part thanks to Mishës. The company was searching for an Internet Marketing Strategist with some Graphic Design knowledge and decent English skills. I have graduated from college as Graphic Designer ?, I can maintain a conversation in English, specially since I started to improve my English skills with each post I write ?, I worked previously as Community Manager for an important company, which gave me the tools I needed to become an Internet Marketing Strategist ?.

Most of the interview went around Mishës. I explained to my current Boss the process I follow for writing new articles and promoting them on the web, I also showed her some of our most popular articles as well as the accomplishments we have reached, she found the project very interesting and I got hired that same day!. It’s exciting to see how a blog that we initially started as a free time project has become one of my main presentation cards.

The money may come

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons why people start a blog is to make profit out of it (which is also one of the reasons that took us to create Mishës). While I was working on a previous company, I met some huge blogs that make hundreds of dollars every month, so we made some happy calculations about how making the third part of what those blogs earn would be something quite big though. Unfortunately, less than 10% of blogs make it through the first year or provide some profit to their founders. In our case, we soon realized that working for the money was taking us to a dead end, so instead of that, we decided to focus on creating a good blog filled with quality content, that way we can present Mishës during job interviews or while meeting other people within the design field.

So what we’re saying is that is not impossible to gain some money with blogging, but is quite difficult indeed. Don’t worry about making profits but instead, try to create something special for the world, if you do that, the money may come!.