Logo Evolutions of the World biggest brands+

A logo is of paramount importance for the brand, since nothing could better associate the company with the audience. Logo...

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Job interview for graphic designers, what should I wear?+

I guess you already know how to find a job in Graphic Design, and you have your portfolio and résumé...

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Insert Multiple .SVG files in Adobe Illustrator CS6+

Have you ever had a folder with several .svg files that you want to insert in Adobe Illustrator CS6? If...

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Best Tattoo boards to follow in pinterest+

Pinterest has become one of the first places you look for inspiration or some sort of reference, and that’s why...

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Wacom or Genius, which drawing tablet should I get?+

Are you getting started in the world of design and you have no idea about which drawing tablet you should...

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8 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity When Working From Home+

The importance of being creative in your work should be obvious to anyone thinking about the issue. Still, if the...

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How Graphic Design helped me land my current Marketing job+

Many people have asked about how I managed to land a job in Marketing with my bachelor’s degree being Graphic...

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Is Adobe Creative Cloud going to kill freelancing?+

From the moment I heard Adobe was moving onto the cloud and thus, the Creative Suite will cease to exist,...

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Double Exposure Photography: New York + London+

Daniella Zalcman is a great photographer whose work has been included in newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street...

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Tattoos and paintings by Daniel Acosta+

Today we bring you an exclusive interview with one of the finest tattoo artists in Colombia, Daniel Acosta. Enjoy it...

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